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Celebrating Mateship (International Men's Day 2022)

This year, we want to inspire more men to build better social connections by making time for old friends.
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LGBTIQ+ Inclusivity and Equity (Pride Month 2022)

This session will encourage participants to explore their own roles in including LGBTIQ+ people in the community.
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Tackling Loneliness

Learn practical steps on how to overcome loneliness and build better connection with others. Loneliness is a state of mind that affects physical and mental health.
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Are You a Good Listener?

Become a patient listener at work and home.
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Keeping an Open Mind

Discover how to keep an open mind about yourself and others.
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Building Healthy and Happy Relationships

Identify the ways to build and maintain healthy relationships with those around you.
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Building Positive Relationships at Work

Often the key to success lies not so much in your subject matter expertise, but in how you get your relationships to work for you.
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Election Anxiety at Work & Best Practices for Managing Conversations and Reactions

This seminar discusses best practices for managing conversations and reactions to the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election at work.
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Examining Relationships: Healthy vs. Unhealthy

This session helps participants identify the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships and what kind of relationships to avoid.
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Interpersonal Communication: Social Skills for Success

An ability to interact with others in an appropriate way is essential for success.
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Keeping Your Love Alive

Learn the 10 relationship essentials, how to cope with challenges and conflict, and how to balance communication styles while keeping your relationship fresh.
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Maintaining Respect and Civility in the Workplace

Identify methods to assertively address inappropriate conduct within the workplace to promote a healthy work environment.
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Say What You Mean the Right Way: Healthy Forms of Communication

There are many ways to communicate how you feel to the people in your life. Explore how you can use communication to strengthen your relationships.
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Social Injustice: An Open Dialogue

This session is a discussion on thoughts and feelings about the current unrest associated with racial inequality.
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