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Bereavement: Coping with Loss

Grief and loss trigger conflicting emotions. Explore your own reactions to loss, learn why some people are stuck in a "grief rut," and discuss more healthy ways to grieve.
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Building Resilience Muscles

The key to resilience is understanding yourself and identifying the mental obstacles that get in your way.
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Navigating Through Grief and Loss

Discover ways to say goodbye and go through the five stages of grief in a healthy way.
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Self-Care: Remaining Resilient

We've all heard the basics on how to deal with stress but have we fully committed to implementing these in our lives? Learn the benefits of self-care to become resilient to stress.
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Survivor's Guilt—Making it Through the War

Survivor's guilt is a deep feeling of guilt often experienced by those who have survived a catastrophe.
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Understanding Resilience

This session will help participants understand what being resilient entails.
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Virtual Roundtable Running The Covid Battle Strategies For Our Medical Heroes

Medical first responders are the true heroes fighting the COVID-19 battle.
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Will There Be a Couch? What to Expect From Counseling

Many people avoid counseling due to misconceptions or even fear. Learn about the counseling process, different types of counseling, what is talked about, and terminology used.
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